elemental body butter
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Elemental Body Butter



Naturally nourishing for entire body. Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
Massage into skin. Use sparingly... a little goes a long way!

  • Concentrated plant oil and butter formula, not diluted with water
  • Smells amazing, coconut and cocoa natural scent
  • Replenishes and revitalizes dehydrated skin
  • Helps restore skin elasticity
  • Perfect choice as a belly butter for expectant moms
  • Toxin free ingredients
  • Cruelty free and sustainably sourced ingredients.


cocoa butter*, shea butter*, coconut oil*, apricot kernel oil, arrowroot powder*, vitamin e.
* certified organic ingredients

Cocoa Butter: Promotes skin elasticity, helps prevent stretch marks. Unrefined cocoa butter smells naturally like chocolate.
Shea Butter: Another fabulous emollient, shea helps reduce appearance of wrinkles, helps prevent stretch marks, soothes sunburns. Has a natural SPF factor between 4 to 6.
Coconut Oil: Unrefined coconut oil has a natural scent of coconut. Also has a natural SPF factor of around 6. An amazing wrinkle fighter and moisturizer with antibacterial properties.
Apricot Kernel Oil: A light, gentle oil easily absorbed by the skin. Nourishing, high in vitamin A.
Arrowroot Powder: Healthy alternative to cornstarch. Used to cut the greasiness of the butters, creating a silky "glide" for application.
Vitamin E: Natural preservative.