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Laundry Soap - Tea Tree

Laundry Soap - Tea Tree



Description:A natural, low-sudsing laundry powder that is vegetable based and 100% biodegradable. Earth Elementals Laundry Soap contains absolutely no petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, or fragrance that would be harmful to you, your family or the environment. A healthy, ecological alternative to commercial laundry detergents that cleans effectively yet gently, leaving your clothes looking and smelling great! And, of course, no animal testing and no animal by-products!

Ingredients: aqua, saponified oils of olive, coconut oil*, palm oil*, tea tree essential oil, sodium borate, sodium carbonate   * certified organic

Instructions: 907 g / 2 lb: Yields 50 - 65 loads Use 1.5 to 2 TBS per load • Can be used for all-purpose cleaning - Counters, bathtubs, sinks, floors, walls, and more!

Eco Tips:

  • When possible, run your washer and dryer during off-peak hours - late in the evening or early in the morning (before 7 a.m.). At this time, energy demand is at the lowest and cheapest.
  • Try line drying and/or make use of an indoor drying rack. The added bonus to line drying is that the sun will naturally "bleach" your whites, eliminating the need for store-bought bleach. Giving your dryer a break will benefit the environment and reduce your monthly power bill.
  • Wash your laundry in cold water. (Earth Elementals Laundry Soap is suitable for cold water washing, by the way.) Most loads don't need hot water. According to Nova Scotia Power, washing your clothes in cold water can save you up to $217 and 2591 kilowatt hours per year. Good for your pocketbook and good for the planet!

And for more information on our laundry soap, check out our blog post, "When Green Washing is Good"

A customer says:

Chocolate Bar soap takes the farm out of the farmer... and so does the Laundry Soap! They're great! - Vance
Excellent product! Have used many other natural laundry cleaners – Cleans just as well and seems to last longer. Will continue to use their local products. - Roy and Dianne
[ ... The soaps and mist spritzers are equally wonderful, not to mention the amazing laundry soap they have!! It smells great and has excellent cleaning power. I use it for far more than just the laundry – It’s great for every day cleaning, too. I was also delighted when Lynn accepted to refill my cream and laundry soap containers, reducing the amount of resources used and garbage produced. Also, many of the ingredients are so local, they are grown by Lynn! Overall, I am so happy to have found Earth Elementals Soap. I am extremely satisfied with their products and especially the service! I have recommended them to friends and family and will continue to surprise them with products that are actually good for you…and the environment! ] - Allison