Baby Steps Towards a Healthier, Toxin Free Household - Part One

Springtime is symbolic for new beginnings and is a fabulous time to "bite the bullet" and start purging those unnecessary, toxic commercial cleaning products that are potentially making you and your family sick.

According to the Environmental Working Group, many harsh chemical cleaners can cause direct, painful irritation of the skin and respiratory system.  Believe me, I know this to be true, being a former sufferer of asthma and violent migraines! These are the commercial cleaners available for purchase at every grocery store in North America all organized in their own "hold your breath and run the gauntlet" aisle. And, if that isn't enough motivation to turf the chemical cocktails under your kitchen sink, think of the negative impact on the ecosystems when these cleaners end up poured and flushed down our drains and into our waterways.  I should also point out that many of these companies are still testing on animals.  Don't believe me?  Just "google" it as I won't go into the gory details.

The truth is that you can clean your entire home with a few basic items that you probably have on hand.

In my opinion, here is the best recipe for an all purpose cleaner:


What you need:

Glass Jar - One Litre
Plant Material - ex. leftover citrus peels, rosemary sprigs, pine needles, etc. - dried or fresh
Spray Bottle


  1. Pack plant material in the jar (at least a good handful/one cup).
  2. Pour vinegar over it, wait for the air bubbles to dissipate, and place lid on tightly.
  3. Wait two weeks. When you remember (preferably every day), give the jar a little shake to help disperse the beneficial plant oils.
  4. Cut the infused vinegar 50/50 with water.  Pour into a clean, empty spray bottle... and clean away naturally!

Pictured here is the infusion I did with pine needles. This past winter, a pine bough broke off one of the white pines here on the property, so I took advantage of this and gathered up some pine needles to make some cleaner. Use whatever you have on hand - citrus peel, rosemary, evergreen, thyme, etc.

Vinegar infused cleaner you make yourself  - A baby step towards a healthier you! An effective all natural cleaner that deodorizes, cuts grease and disinfects. Suitable for cleaning floors, tiles, kitchen and bath applications.  Because this all purpose cleaner is acidic, it is NOT recommended for porous surfaces such as granite, soapstone or marble. Pssst... It's also easy on the budget.