Who We Are

Cleansing, hydrating and replenishing
All natural, affordable luxury for the skin
the way Mother Nature intended.

Earth Elementals is located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia nestled in the woods yet just minutes away from downtown Halifax and the Atlantic coastline.

Currently, Earth Elementals does not have a brick and mortar retail store, and our studio is not open to the public. However, we do invite you to explore our online store or come visit us every Saturday at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market all year long from 7 am to 3 pm.
Our nature inspired products are also available at various retail locations around Nova Scotia. For more information, please view the Stockists section of our website.
Earth Elementals Soap is suitable for everyone’s needs from those committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and environment, people who are challenged with chemical sensitivities and allergies and to those who appreciate the moisturizing and healing properties of quality, natural handcrafted soap and body care products.

Mother Daughter Team

Lynn is an artisan soap maker, lay herbalist and gardener, Reiki master and teacher, wife and mother of two. Since childhood, she has had a passion for plants, animals and gardening, nurtured by her mother who shared her wisdom and passion for all things natural. She has been a professional member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild since 2008.

Several years ago, health challenges including allergies and migraines prompted Lynn to seek out safer, less toxic alternatives to commercial body care and cleaning supplies. It wasn’t always easy to find pure, natural alternatives, but her reverence for folk herbalism and love of plants were key to finding solutions.

Long story short, she adopted the motto, “If you want to get something done well, do it yourself.” Making laundry soap and soap bars for herself and her family was the goal initially, but eventually friends and other family members started asking for some, and they told a few friends and so on … You know how it goes! In 2007, after over a year of planning and much experimentation to get things “just right”, Lynn took the plunge and created Earth Elementals Soap. 

Jennifer (Lynn’s daughter) is a bath and body care assistant and is involved with production and product development. As a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist, she brings her knowledge and expertise in natural skin care to our studio. Her creativity extends beyond natural body care and esthetics. Jennifer is also an accomplished visual artist specializing in acrylics.


Meet our company pep squad, Toast and newcomer, Murphy! 

Toast's extraordinary specialties include awesome head butts, loud purrs and the annoying, yet cute game of knocking things off the desk and sitting on papers that you need to read. 

Murphy is our newest four legged team member. He shines as Social Director whose important task is to remind us that all work and no play makes for no fun in the day! We agree. Finding time for fun and fresh air does result in a more relaxed state. That should make us more efficient and effective in the studio, don't you think? His reminders for taking time out consist of adorable boops, helicopter wags and wet kisses.

Family Business

It truly is a family affair here, and we can’t forget the guys! Troy (Lynn’s husband) can be found every Saturday at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market manning our booth and acts as soap studio engineer designing, troubleshooting and making anything from soap molds to cutters. Son, Mitchell, whose day job is chef, pitches in with soap and body care “prep” whenever we need a helping hand. Both guys come in handy and are appreciated when a shipment of those heavy drums of organic oils need to be placed in our studio.