Herbal Body Powder
Herbal Body Powder
Herbal Body Powder
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Herbal Body Powder

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An artisanal blended body powder handcrafted from natural powdered plant root starch, silky smooth clay & botanicals. Talc & cornstarch free.

The process: Lavender, chamomile and calendula are grown and harvested by us. They are then carefully dried in our potting shed, placed on drying racks and/or hung from rafters. After the drying process, the botanicals are milled to powder, sifted by hand and blended with organic arrowroot and kaolin clay to produce a skin soothing herbal body powder.

  • Prevents chafing
  • Absorbs excess moisture
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Safe for baby
  • Ground lavender buds, chamomile & calendula are not only good for skin, but impart a fresh, light scent        

To Use

Suitable for use as a body powder for all - adults, children & babies. Shake a small amount of powder directly into palm of hand and smooth on skin. 

  • Use on baby's bum and/or folds to help absorb excess moisture & prevent chafing.
  • Sprinkle in shoes to help absorb foot perspiration & odour. Makes feet feel dry and fresh.
  • Use on underarms as a light use natural deodorant. 
  • Use as a dry shampoo.
  • To prevent chafing, smooth powder on body parts that tend to chafe during hot, humid weather, intense exercise, particularly long distance running or walking.

Avoid inhalation & contact with eyes. If there are known sensitivities, we always recommend a skin patch test be conducted first.


arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, calendula flower*, chamomile flower*, lavender buds*    * pesticide / herbicide free, grown by us

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