Dry Brushing 101

Healthy skin must first start on the inside, nourished by a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, getting adequate sleep and eliminating/reducing exposure to toxins. Our skin, the largest organ in the body, plays a key role in the elimination of these toxins. This complex dermal system is made up of layers of cells, nerves and glands that virtually absorbs everything we expose it to and when taken care of, will excrete one third of our toxins effectively.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

1. Unclogs pores and removes dead skin 

Dry brushing is a safe and effective way to remove that ashy layer of skin we all want gone! Skin can breathe properly and absorb the proper nutrients from your topical, non-toxic moisturizer.

2. Stimulate the lymphatic system

In my opinion, the most important benefit of all.  Unlike your heart, your lymph system does not have a natural pump to help it flow. You need to do this yourself, and the two best ways to do so are exercise and ... wait for it... dry brushing!  By following the "How To" below, I can teach you how to dry brush properly, helping your lymphatic system do its job flushing out those toxins.

3. Relieve stress 

Stimulating skin's nerves rejuvenates the nervous system, giving the whole body an invigorating sense of well-being.

4. Increases circulation

By removing dead skin cells via dry brushing, we increase circulation and effectively encourage the discharge of metabolic waste. Stimulating circulation also helps prevent varicose veins.

5. Reduces the appearance of cellulite 

Regular dry brushing results in smoother, plumper skin so existing cellulite is not as noticeable.

How To

You can use a soft bristle brush, exfoliating glove or even a loofa.  Super easy and inexpensive.

Dry brushing should be done daily for optimal results.  1-2 x a day is best, and I recommend that the easiest time to do so is before going into the bath or shower.

With gentle pressure (too harsh can close the glands up, taking up to 20 mins to fully open back up), start at the toes and stroke upwards. Always stroke towards the heart if you are looking to stimulate your lymphatic system.

Avoid the face or areas of irritation or abrasion.

Brush 2-15 minutes.

If you have targeted healthier living as a personal goal for this year, a daily dry brushing practice will fit in perfectly!

Happy dry brushing!