Earth Elementals Now Available at HRM Sobey's Well Being Stores!

November 25, 2015

Today, Jenn and I delivered our final initial order to Sobey's HRM Well Being stores. It has been a year of VERY hard work and preparation, but I knew Earth Elementals was up for the task. That said, I would never have been able to do so without the help of my family and some dear friends that pitched in where needed. It is a giant step for a small mission based business like Earth Elementals, but I know in my heart that it is the right direction to go. Sobey's increased commitment to provide customers with locally sourced products and their increased focus on developing their well being, natural source section, makes Sobey's a perfect fit for Earth Elementals.

Look for our pure and natural 12 EES soap varieties, 2 natural deodorants and our 2 new moisturizing body butter sticks at all 9 HRM Sobey's Well Being store locations!