7 Natural Soy Candle Care Tips

Candle light symbolizes illumination, hope and the promise of good things to come. Candles can transform the scent of your room, elevate your mood and nurture a calming, zen-like ambiance to your space.

Yay, you've chosen one of our aromatherapy soy candles! You've made a great choice in choosing pure + natural so you can enjoy the soft, subtle scent and light without endangering your health. 

You get ready to wind down from a busy day. You light the candle for the first time to set the mood for a evening of relaxation, but you wonder, just how can I get the most out of it? 

Well, we can help with that!

Here are 7 tips to get the most out of your aromatherapy soy candle.


1. For your 1st burn, create an even melt pool 

Allow your candle to burn long enough to create an even melt pool on the surface of the candle, right to the outside rim of the jar. A correct first burn will ensure that your candle will burn evenly, give you the cleanest, longest burn and give optimal scent throw.

If it is extinguished prior to developing a full melt pool, it will result in tunneling down the centre of the candle. Soy wax has memory, and if it's extinguished prior to allowing this full melt pool, it will result in subsequent melt pools not going beyond the initial one.  

A general rule of thumb: Burn one hour for every inch of the candle diameter. For our 226 g candle, initial burn will be approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.

2. Trim wicks before each burn if needed

Our natural cotton wicks are self trimming. Sometimes, "mushrooming" can occur at the top of the wick. This is carbon build-up that the wick has collected. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4" long. You can use scissors or nail clippers, but a designated wick trimmer like this one pictured below works best.


3. Re-centre your wick

The wick of your candle should be re-centred every time you burn it.

Once you have put out the candle, use something like a pen or chopstick to re-centre the wick while the wax is still soft.

This will make sure your candle burns evenly, won't overheat the wall of your jar or burn too fast.

4. Don't blow out candles + keep them away from drafts

Burning candles near drafts from open windows, fans or if positioned near a high traffic area in your home with people coming and going frequently is a big no-no. Doing so will interrupt the flame, cause flare-up or could cause an uneven burn. 

Blowing out the flame can cause black ash to spread on the surface of the wax. It is best to use a snuffer or use the lid that your candle comes with to smother the flame. The lid is also useful to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the candle surface.  

5. Burn no longer than 4 hours on a heat resistant surface + never leave a candle unattended

6. Stop burning the candle when all of the wax turns to liquid or when wax level reaches 1/2" or less from the bottom of the container

While it's great to burn until an even wax pool has been established, if a glass candle jar gets exposed to too much heat, it could cause the jar to crack. Extinguish flame when it comes too close to the bottom of the container. 

7. Re-purpose your empty candle jar

Please don't throw your empty amber glass jar out! Recycle or reuse the jar. After use, place the jar with wax remnants in a bowl with hot tap water to melt the remaining wax. Discard the wax into the trash. The empty jar can then be cleaned up with soap and water, and will be ready to re-use, or better yet -

Use the remaining wax in a candle wax melter to enjoy all the candle's aromatherapeutic benefits! Place the jar first in a bowl of hot tap water to soften the wax, then just scoop the remaining wax out of the jar and place in the wax melter. Thanks to sister/Aunt Jackie for this great tip!

There are many ways these jars can be re-purposed. In the kitchen, use these jars for storing spices, or use as desk storage. Keep paperclips, rubber bands or use to hold pencils or pens in your home office. These amber apothecary jars are handy in the bathroom for organizing and holding such items as ear swabs, bobby pins or cotton pads. You could even use the old jars for keeping your candle matches. Try placing a tea light in an empty jar. Glowing tea lights in apothecary glass jars add a warm and inviting ambiance to any dinner table setting.

We hope these tips will make your pure + natural candle burning that much easier, safer and more enjoyable. 

Happy candle burning!