Dish Washing the Plastic + Toxin Free Way!

Ditch Liquid Dishwashing Soap + Embrace a More Sustainable Option!

Wash your dishes, pots and pans with our chunky, hand-cut dish washing bar. This non-toxic, solid bar cuts through grease and leftover food with ease. Our zero waste bars are made with 100% certified organic + fair trade coconut oil, do not dry out your hands, does an excellent job cleaning dishes, even pots & pans, is fragrance, paraben and SLS free and is safe for the environment.
You can even use it for other jobs in the kitchen such as cleaning counters and sinks. It also makes an excellent fruit & veggie wash! 
To help keep your dish bar longer, we recommend that you keep the bar dry between uses. Place it on a well draining soap dish such as our stone soap dish.  If the bar gets stuck to the dish once dry, just simply twist it off.

How to Use Solid Dish Soap


Rinse dishes of any left on food residue first.

Lather your cloth, sponge or scrub brush with the soap block.  

Run the bar under a running tap for sink suds. Using warm water, wash dishes as you usually would. 


 Rinse well.

Wipe or air dry.

There you have it. Put away your sparkling clean dishes, and you're done. It's that simple! 
This solid dish washing bar replaces liquid dish soap, sink/counter cleaner & fruit + veggie wash. Feel good that you've embraced one more way to a more sustainable, healthy household + planet and help create a better future for everyone.
Take care,