DIY All Natural Lip Scrub

Don't you just hate dry, chapped and cracking lips during the winter season? This is really common in the cold months when the humidity level outside drops and the moisture gets sucked out of the air due to dry indoor heat.

For optimum lip care this winter, make sure you incorporate these three basic practices for smooth, healthy lips:

  1. hydrate - remember to drink lots of water
  2. moisturize - use a petrolatum free lip balm every day
  3. exfoliate - for a smoother pout

In my practice as an aesthetician, I find exfoliation tends to be left out of most clients' beauty routine. It's important to regularly get rid of excess dead skin to help stimulate the renewal process while allowing your moisturizing products to be able to penetrate deeper into the dermis.

I hate the feeling of tight, dry lips this time of year and being sensitive to many commercial products out there, I opt for this homemade recipe for gentle lip exfoliation. 

What you will need:

• 1 tsp honey

• 1 tsp coconut oil - depending on the temperature in the kitchen, make sure you use it in its solid consistency. If its warm and liquid, just put some in the fridge for about 5 minutes to harden.

• 2 tsp brown sugar

• 1/8 tsp of pure vanilla extract (optional)

• 1 clean recycled jar (I used a leftover jar from my HOD herbal salve, but you could use anything container you have on hand like a lip balm tin or face cream jar.)

Scroll down to the bottom for a FREE DOWNLOADABLE label you can add to the jar of scrub for yourself or even if you wish to give your handcrafted lip scrub to a friend as a gift! 

Benefits of Ingredients

Honey - is full of antioxidants which helps slow down the process of aging, smoothes fine lines and also is effective in the overall complexion of the skin. Honey is also very hydrating!

Coconut Oil - not only is coconut oil a natural moisturizer, is also works as an anti-inflammatory, aiding in soothing existing cracks on the lips.

Brown Sugar - I personally choose brown sugar due to its smaller particles. This makes the exfoliation process more gentle and safe for the delicate and thinner skin on the lips.

Vanilla Extract - Makes it smell & taste drool worthy!


Add each ingredient to your jar and stir it all together until fully mixed.

Scoop out a small portion of your scrub and apply to the lips. 

In small circular motions, exfoliate the area for about 10 seconds. 

Rinse the existing scrub off your lips and pat dry.

Apply your favourite natural lip balm to finish for an added punch of hydration!

This can be done 2-3 times a week as part of your lip care regimen for a healthy, perfect pout.



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