Savon de la mer
Savon de la mer
Savon de la mer
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Savon de la mer

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Skin softening and detoxifying.  Contains locally sourced, wild harvested seaweed. The scent is fresh - spearmint and sweet orange - and evokes a gentle, rejuvenating feeling. Packed with many beneficial minerals & vitamins that nourish the skin, Savon's gentle exfoliating factor promotes blood circulation, resulting in toned, rejuvenated skin.


aqua, saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainably sourced palm, shea butter, Irish moss**, kelp**, wrack**, essential oils of sweet orange & spearmint  ** wild harvested off Nova Scotia's coast




A customer says:
I have been using the Savon de la mer soap for my face for over a year, and I love it !!! So I decided a month ago to use it all over, have my husband, daughter and sister in law also using it. I love EES products so much, from the lip balm to the laundry detergent. The Whipped Shea Butter is my favorite body lotion, I have had bad cracking heels and it not only smoothed them, it healed them. I can’t thank EES enough and am so thankful that they deliver as I am not home in NS and won’t be for a few years !!! - Karen W.
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