Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger
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Tree Hugger

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The inspiration - Our old stand of coniferous trees rich with diverse flora and fauna that absolutely intoxicates the senses with its sights, sounds and scents.

A rich, evergreen scent with a subtle aroma of an earthy, moss covered forest floor. Helps rebalance mind, body and spirit.



aqua, saponified oils of olive, coconut*, sustainably sourced palm*, shea butter*, French green clay, essential oils of Canadian balsam fir, wild black spruce, eucalyptus & vetiver.     *certified organic



A customer says:

I’ve switched over to Earth Elementals after being concerned with the long list of questionable chemicals found in soaps that I was using previously. I’ve been using Treehugger soap for my body now for almost a year, and I appreciate the smooth skin and incredible, long lasting natural scent that lasts upwards of a full day! I’ve since recently replaced my face wash with the Carrots & Calendula Facial Bar, and my complexion has been under control and moisturized despite the changing of the seasons. A great local company making legitimate natural products. Thank you! - Justin

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